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Using Filters to Hatch Cable Tray in Revit MEP

Display Filters & View Templates

In whatever grouping drawings there is a requirement to evolve between assorted types of Cable Tray elements in coordination and dedicated electrical drawings.
Standard display of the Cable Tray using fine settings from the Electrical-Default template
In tralatitious package this was achieved by using assorted Layers and though we hit kindred methodologies in Revit via the System Styles where we crapper ordered colours and patterns by collection there is often a requirement to exhibit certain items, like telegram tray differently, modify though they haw be of the aforementioned category.

The main think for this essay is that I was asked today by one of my students, "What is the easiest artefact to reproduce telegram tray in Revit MEP to indicate the assorted types of telegram tray that has been installed on a project." There are individual ways this could be accomplished. You could only ingest the Filled Region to manually reproduce the telegram tray. While this is the most simple, it is windy and time consuming.

Method 2 would be to ingest Phases exclusive of Revit MEP. You could ordered up whatever phases and modify the graphics of the phases to indicate the hatching. This is cushy enough, but nearly an over kill.

The method I ended up recommending is to meet ingest View Filters. You crapper only create a newborn separate and modify the graphics of the separate to hit the reproduce pattern.

To this modify I created a brief recording to deal with my students and thought it strength be adjuvant for others. Watch the recording Here

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