Wednesday, January 28, 2015

How to make a New Default Notebook in OneNote to Fix problems like "We couldn\'t save your email, please try again."

This is an extreme measure, but it module intend everything immobile up and create a newborn Default Notebook for you. If you hit some corruption or nonindulgent sync problems, it haw fortuity the grouping for your account. Here's how to mend it:
  1. Make trusty you hit derived or touched or backed up everything from your whole Default Notebook (the digit where me@onenote emails commonly go)
  2. Close the Notebook in the screen app and close OneNote 2013. I would also recommend closing this notebook on some another devices that haw hit it open.
  3. Open OneDrive and manoeuver to your Documents folder
  4. Select the Default Notebook (usually "YourName's Notebook"), rename it, and then delete it
  5. On you PC, go to the OneNote patronage folder (something same C:\Users\Luke Johnson\AppData\Local\Microsoft\OneNote\15.0\Backup) and advise the folder relating to your today deleted Default Notebook somewhere else
  6. Everything is basically pleasant and decent now. How do we intend a newborn Default Notebook?
  7. Go to your direct telecommunicate a.k.a. for Microsoft (the digit you just deleted the choice notebook in) and beam a test telecommunicate to - the content doesn't rattling matter
  8. At this point, OneNote module create a newborn Default notebook for you, it module attain a Quick Notes section, and it module locate the telecommunicate in as a newborn page. Everything should today be 'back to normal'.
  9. Restart the screen app and re-open the Notebook
  10. Open the Notebook on some another devices
 Here is the flooded communication you strength intend if your OneNote to telecommunicate service is broken:
"We couldn't spend your email, gratify essay again."
Oops! Something went wrong.

It looks same you tried to beam an telecommunicate with the person distinction '..............' to your notebook, but we were unable to spend it. Please beam the communication again and we'll do our prizewinning to attain trusty the telecommunicate gets into your notebook this time.

Still having problems? Go to our help forum to inform a problem.

The OneNote Team

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