Monday, January 26, 2015

Hidden feature of InfraWorks: How to Create a Non-symmetrical Roadway Section

If you hit been using InfraWorks for a patch you would know that most roadway styles that become shipped with the code are for symmetrical roadway. There is not enough substantiation on how to create a non-symmetric country and it is unintuitive. In this blog place I expose a little trick and this hidden feature.

So here a concealment effort of the exemplary symmetric roadway section.

You poverty to go from the above to the mass – No Passing zone…

Or a cycle lane…

Now that I hit your tending – here is how you attain this:

In the Style Edit talking incase the Track Settings inclose highlighted in red…

…has a some buttons at the bottom to edit/modify the roadway section. What is manifest is that if you superior a row in the Right Group or Median Group and ingest the above mentioned buttons you crapper add section. For example, add/modify lane/sidewalk width, etc.

Here is the important part – what is not manifest is that if you utter on the row Right Group, not a bed within the Right Group, you add up selecting the full Right Group and then if you ingest the last button highlighted in flushed below…

…you intend the Left Group…

Now you crapper add this Left Group to create a country per send requirements. In the welfare of instance and naivety I complete the mitt assemble as shown below. You crapper see the it has a cycle lane.

And that’s it!

Now if you hit not bespoken styles in InfraWorks look for my blog place about how create/modify styles in InfraWorks.

Gaurav Bagga
Ideate Infrastructure Solutions Application Specialist

Gaurav is a well rounded Application Engineer and Project Manager for Infrastructure Solutions at Ideate supported discover of San Francisco. He has over 15 years undergo in construction business and has been serving numerous small, job and ENR 500 firms tap their package investment for the terminal decade years. Gaurav is an Autodesk Certified Instructor and Autodesk Civil 3D Implementation Certified Expert. He has taught at several conferences, package Camps and Autodesk University. He has taught AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Land Desktop and Map 3D to thousands of students and helps Ideate amend the Infrastructure Services curriculum and courses. With his comprehensive package profession scenery he helps Bay Area field and surveying firms dissect and meliorate their organisation and art production process thereby rising fecundity and the bottom line. Follow Gaurav on Twitter: @BeGeez

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