Thursday, January 29, 2015

Engineers Guide to Drinks Lives On and Will Move to 3D

Engineers Guide to Drinks in AutoCADThe Engineers Guide to Drinks art or Infographic as it is today titled in actuality was really meet a test art was originally created by someone that was rattling fictive or rattling tired in order to test pen platters backwards in 1972. I was not the example creator, and never hit condemned credit for it another than re-drawing it again in AutoCAD and transfer it backwards to life. In transfer it backwards to chronicle on this journal it has condemned the world literally by storm making headlines on bounteous study media sites much as Fast Company, Laughing Squid, and today Food & Wine Magazine. It made one of the Top 18 infographics of 2014 as selected by Fast Company.

Imagine that this 1972 created art gained well merited fame 43 eld later. I hit today seen the art not exclusive in the media but used as sample drawings again as fresh as class sessions at Autodesk University and we modify gave discover pleasant prints at our Blogger and Social Meetup.

Would you same to work and alter the famous art into todays profession much as 3D in Max, Revit, and Inventor? Email Me to participate in this fun and bound to be favourite project.

Below is unification to download the related Whisky Drinks AutoCAD DWG art file that has been modified by several grouping over the years. If you update the art gratify deal it backwards with me.

Download Whiskey Drinks AutoCAD DWG File

Live Long and Prosper Engineers Guide to Drinks!


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