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Celebrating and Learning from Masters of ArchiCAD

MOA-SUMMIT-LOGO-400WI hit an exciting declaration most a ground-breaking ArchiCAD accord event, the MASTERS of ArchiCAD SUMMIT.

If you ingest ArchiCAD, and poverty to verify meliorate plus of its INCREDIBLE power to intend your impact finished faster (and better), it’s an circumstance that you can’t afford to miss.

The Summit is an online word on Feb 5 & 6 in which proficient users from around the concern deal their rousing and passion for ArchiCAD as substantially as applicatory tips, tricks, methods and strategies that you crapper ingest in your practice.

There module be a dozen presentations over a digit period period that you crapper listen springy AND/OR watch as recording recordings later. Add them to your meaning accumulation to think and integrate into your workflow.

Read this post to discover:

  • how this word came to be and why it HAD to be created

  • why you absolutely NEED to join us (if you tending most your work)

  • plus a special substance to attain this an modify more dumbfounding value


Timothy-Ball-photo-3Last season I solicited architect Timothy Ball RIBA from the UK as a visiting pedagogue to inform a warning for my ArchiCAD Best Practices Course. Tim showed us how he expeditiously models projects in much great discourse and quality that every representation shows the actualised construction. His discourse drawings as generated from the help requirement lowercase or no cleanup, and he supplements them with 3D details as substantially as BIMx models to transmit the intricacies of the organisation modify more clearly.

Tim pushes the limits of the software, and reaps large rewards. His projects are built with less problems, and his organisation solutions are optimized. At first, it seems same he’s doing player work, then digit realizes that it rattling is much more efficient ingest of his time, allowing more nimble organisation think while producing drawings more apace and accurately, with meliorate accumulation and integration.

  • One of the attendees commented enthusiastically that sitting in on Tim’s show and our discussion seemed same “graduate edifice for ArchiCAD”.

  • The feedback from another course members was equally positive. Everyone said that they were inspired by Tim’s work, and today understood much meliorate how to behave their possess modeling process.

It was at that point that I realized that Tim’s noesis and undergo NEEDED to be mutual with the large ArchiCAD community, to increase the depth of noesis and power of users everywhere. We started conversation most creating something around the thought “Masters of ArchiCAD”.


Tim is not unique among ArchiCAD users. There are many masters of this complex and coercive software, grouping who near the limits and reap the benefits.

While Graphisoft features firms as “success stories” in short videos, advise releases and irregular webinars, no digit has ever given these proficient users an online platform from which to inform another users what they’ve scholarly through hard-fought experience.

Local individual groups and regional events much as the ArchiCAD Users Association retreats spread the noesis of experts with a restricted sort of in-person attendees. Online forums much as ArchiCAD-Talk and the LinkedIn ArchiCAD assemble boost discussion, still this is restricted to posting comments and linking to screenshots and occasionally to videos.

Worldwide, we hit much a unfathomable bet of noesis that has not been mutual effectively.

Our ArchiCAD individual accord has passion and skillfulness that crapper be, and needs to be, mutual in a modify that maximizes the goodness from everyone involved.



I hit hand-picked a dozen ArchiCAD masters to give presentations that consortium rousing and applicatory training in coequal measure. You’ll wager case studies and actualised send files, ofttimes with springy demonstrations exclusive ArchiCAD (not meet slides).

As a accord event, it is ground-breaking – the prototypal instance that experts of this degree hit gathered together in an online word to give their noesis to another ArchiCAD users.

If you’re the identify of person who strives for continual improvement in your chronicle and your work, if you poverty to master ArchiCAD so you crapper intend the most goodness from the software, this circumstance is for you.

  • For more information including a statement of each summit show as substantially as profiles of the presenters, gratify meet the Masters of ArchiCAD website.

I wager these experts as “unsung heroes”. They are substantially famous and highly regarded among their colleagues, peers and clients, still they merit to be famous by our large worldwide ArchiCAD community.

Their hard-earned treasures are going to be multiplied as they deal them with us. The good of their undergo module embellish our common knowledge.

I module be telling their stories over the reaching weeks in a program of posts. Let’s fete their impact and learn from the efforts of these ArchiCAD Masters.

Eric Bobrow

P.S. This is a “commercial event” in that there is a charge for registration. Each advocator receives a deal of the proceeds in the modify of an honorarium. There are advertising and creation costs as well.

Fees module counterbalance these costs and pay for my time, allowing me to place in a Brobdingnagian try to attain this send a success. I module be working with the presenters to help them plan and behave their talks, and module patron and display the online webinars as substantially as the recordings and website.

The entrance fee of $197 is rattling economical when compared to the outlay of present a springy conference. You’ll be able to listen the sessions live, and communicate questions of the presenters, and also hit flooded admittance to the recordings for permanent meaning after the Summit.

However, as digit of my valued clients and email subscribers, you merit an modify meliorate deal:

Simply meet the MASTERS of ArchiCAD website and utter the entrance unification to go to the secure review page.

Enter BOBROW-WEBSITE in the Special Code field in the upper right Atlantic and utter the Apply button.

You’ll wager the entrance fee discount applied, so you’ll pay exclusive $97.

This word module be a history-making event, and the recordings module be an important inventiveness that you crapper add to your meaning accumulation to riches for eld to come.

Questions? Feedback? Problems? Ideas?

Drop me a line at support@bobrow.com.

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