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Average Estimated Illumination and Gradient Color Fill Plans

Using colouration to modify to inform continuance in Revit MEP models crapper visually intercommunicate data in a meaningful way. For example, indicating cipher status with meaningful colors, flushed for broad lux, yellows and oranges for mid lux, and naif for baritone lux crapper support digit make more sense of a help with a quick glance than having to reference and re-reference the fable when using viewless and/or non-ordered colouration fills. Follow this Revit MEP progress to make the colouration modify in your models. 

Place the colouration modify fable anywhere in the art Atlantic to exposit the colouration plot utilised in the view. 
  1. Open a floor organisation analyse or section view. 
  2. Click Annotate journalism Color Fill panel(Legend). 
  3. Click in the art Atlantic to locate the colouration modify legend. 
  4. In the Choose Space Type and Color Scheme dialog, superior the space identify and colouration scheme, and utter OK. 
If the colouration modify fable that displays does not emit the colouration plot that you poverty to use, do the following: 
  1. In the art area, superior the legend. 
  2. Click Modify Color Fill Legends journalism Scheme commission Edit Scheme. 
  3. In the Edit Color Scheme dialog, superior a assorted colouration plot from the list, and utter OK. 
You crapper also create a newborn colouration plot in this dialog. 

In the illustration below is a exemplary Average Illumination colouration modify in Revit MEP. Although the fable indicates the lux verify incoming to a color, the arrange of colours utilised is not particularly mood of the value. 
A meliorate representation would be to ingest a arrange from green, finished chromatic to red, as illustrated with this deciding colouration modify where naif flat hit a baritone lux verify and flushed flat hit a broad lux level, and chromatic is utilised for the mid-range: 
This crapper only be ordered up by manually assigning colours using an RGB value. Let’s verify a countenance at the RGB values of green, chromatic and red: 
In visit to modify from naif to yellow, we only increase the R continuance incrementally from 0 to 255, then to modify from chromatic to flushed we only modification the G continuance from 255 to 0. Let’s study a lux verify arrange from 0 to 500+ and edit the appropriate RGB values: 
These crapper then be easily appointed to the Color Fill in the Edit Color Scheme dialog:
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