Saturday, October 25, 2014

Using Dynamo with Navisworks to Automate Common Tasks (using DynaWorks)

Full assign goes to Adam Sheather for every his hornlike impact on this. Basically, it is a Dynamo collection that crapper speech to Navisworks. I conceive he has started something pretty special here...

How to intend DynaWorks 15:
  1. Download and establish Dynamo version 0.7.2
  2. Launch it from the Start Menu ie. DynamoSandbox.exe 
  3. You crapper download DynaWorks direct from
  4. or to ingest Dynamo collection manager: Open Dynamo from the move menu, Packages, Search for a Package, move to aline collection list, then click to establish DynaWorks
  5. Install GetClashIDs likewise if you want
  6. Mine installed itself to this location:
    C:\Users\Luke Johnson\AppData\Roaming\Dynamo\0.7\packages\DynaWorks15\bin
  7. To intend my establish to work, I had to copy missing XML files from step 2, and then utilised Import Library and chose DynaWorks15.dll from the line above to 'refresh' the establish and pass the player nodes (you might not have this problem)
  8. To test it is working, grab the runClashTests definition from this folder,
  9. Open it in Dynamo, point it at digit of your Navisworks files by modifying the String property,
  10. Click Run in Dynamo, and it module automatically unstoppered the enter and separate every the Clash Tests.

The above steps should intend you up and running... but there is so much more aptitude here that it deserves more than digit post. As Adam mentions in his post, you crapper ingest DynaWorks to separate Navisworks in unseeable mode. I'm hunting forward to seeing how others ingest this ... specially in getting Navisworks to communicate with Revit more effectively.

Nice! RT @Gytaco: #DynaWorks15 is today acquirable from the collection trainer as a download on #dynamobim
— Evangelist President (@lukeyjohnson) October 24, 2014
Adam's video:

Adam Sheather:
#Dynamo #DynaWorks #BIM is released!! Check here for artefact info or herer for demo.

The github page:

More info at:
Stuff and BIMs: DynaWorks is here!! The Navisworks accumulation for Dynamo

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