Monday, November 11, 2013

Using a Solid Form as a Void to cut Curtain Panels and Mullions

From Philip Chan's blog:
The construct is simple, I attain a Generic kinsfolk (it crapper be any category actually) as a solid (in this case, meet a ultimate extrusion), permit the kinsfolk intercept the mantle wall, then ingest "Cut Geometry" to revilement out the mantle panel.

Once I made every the revilement in the mantle wall, I hit a yes/no constant to curb the visibility of the solidified so that I crapper "turn off" the solid. As a result, it would appear that the mantle surround is revilement out by a void. The beatific programme is you crapper ingest the same kinsfolk to attain binary cuts and it will work on the mullions as well.

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