Thursday, April 5, 2012

Revit for Mac 2013 now available for download

Finally,  Revit for Mac 2013.  It doesn't hit a ribbon, but who cares.  It's so freakin' fast, especially with a solidified land hard drive.  The rendering engine is different too, but after you get utilised to it, it rocks!  I conceive it uses Maya.  You crapper modify synchronize with a bicentric file created by the Windows version.

It's still questionable to be a secret, but you requirement to know so you refrain symptom your budget on a PC when you know you poverty a Mac.  More details to follow as I study the menu items to the Windows edition slip items.  I just hope that Navisworks is in the scuttlebutt too.  I can't seem to find discover if there will be whatever sort of Building Design Suite package, but you crapper crossgrade from a current edition of AutoCAD or Revit Architecture Suite for $595.

You don't rattling conceive this is actual do you?  After all, it's Apr Fool's day.  It did verify me digit hours to create this image, so I hope you enjoyed it.


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