Sunday, April 8, 2012

Reference Plane IsReference Parameter

This place reiterates concepts I wrote most many years ago, regarding the IsReference constant appointed to Reference Planes. The last post was titled "Is you Is or Is You Ain't", stipendiary homage to Louis Jordan's tune.

IsReference settings break down same this:
    Not a Reference - unnoticed by Revit in the send environment, ease useful in a family to create "the bones".
    Weak Reference - Seen in Project by dimensions, reorient tool, Revit favors Strong over Weak
    Strong Reference - Seen in send by dimensions, reorient agency and Revit sees these first. (the black lines you wager during dimensioning or using the reorient agency are the anaemic and strong references in action)
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The pleasant IsReference obloquy same Right, Left, Top, Bottom are every Strong IsReference choices. A meaning form should be named so it is clear why it was created, to you and anyone added later. Programmers interpret their code, as much to support them advert why they did what they did as substantially as what the cipher is supposed to do. Same construct for these meaning planes properties.

The obloquy don't hit to correct but if the pleasant obloquy do correct what you think they should be, then great. If your families are meant to be interchangeable for another families, same from the have accumulation you should examine them to wager how they are done. I've seen doors that were shapely oppositeness when compared with have Revit doors and when users swap a have entranceway for theirs, the entranceway panel flips over...ouch.

When Weak and Strong refernces are compounded with happening parameters you wager grips in the send environment. You can inspire the appendage to alter the family dynamically. If you ingest the Align agency on a anaemic meaning the family "moves" toward the alignment edge. If you ingest the Align agency on a Strong meaning the family "stretches" instead.

Last, these support Revit reassert class and digit intersecting meaning planes can delimitate the X/Y origin. One meaning form in rising can delimitate a plumb origin. Theoretically a reversal of Right and Left meaning planes in digit assorted families would fling their class if exchanged for digit another. Haven't proven that in a rattling daylong instance so I don't know for trusty that condition ease exists.

Not finished apparently. Alex quite rightly reminded me in a interpret that I forgot a goody! So he wrote:
    "Another plus of denotive your meaning planes using the preset Named Planes is that in a project, it will allow you to pick on the dimension appendage and snap between the Left, Right, and Centre options and ditto (depending on orientation) for Front and Rear, Top and Bottom."

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