Monday, December 19, 2011

AutoCAD to Cricut Workflow (Alternate title: I'm a Cutter)

This post is sacred to Theresa H. and the beatific people of Educause.

AutoCAD to Cricut Workflow:  Where Geeky Meets Crafty

Software needed:

Hardware needed:
  • Any computer running SCAL.
  • Cricut running code edition 2.2 or higher. (These instructions module impact for every cricuts - modify the dopy block one)
  • USB-Printer telegram to enter your PC to the Cricut.

1- Draw your thing in Autocad.

2- Export that thing as a BMP image.

3- In SCAL, go to Image Trace.

4- Browse to the BMP you exported from ACAD. And open it in the Autotrace Image dialog box.
5- Click Preview:

6- After you utter OK, you module hit your ikon in the SCAL cutting matted area.

7- Cut away!

Granted, someone with some mad machine utility hacking skills could probably get the Cricut to intercommunicate directly with AutoCAD.  As Jason says, a Cricut is rattling meet a enclosure plotter with a knife.  If you undergo how to do this, I'd love to intercommunicate to you.


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  1. Cricut takes DXFs. So just make for template 1 to 1 to fit your cutting mat and use DXFOUT command

  2. Additionally, before really beginning the laser cut, ensure the focal point is spotless. To check the focal point, evacuate the three little screws that hold it. To clean it, utilize rubbing liquor or cleaning liquid on a cotton laser cutting machine